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About OKATO SHOJI Co., Ltd.
OKATO SHOJI, as one of leading brokerage firms, has been endeavoring to develop the futures industry in Japan. The company is catching up with the trend and changes in futures business and always expanding its business objects, by offering new investment scheme and facilities such as commodity funds, internet trading tools, foreign exchange trading and smooth market access by ISVs(Independent Software Vendor) services.
OKATO SHOJI has acquired a high popularity from overseas institutional customers.
Established August 4, 1951
Capital JPY 2,000,000,000
Registered Tokyo, Japan
Head Office 2-12-16 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0033, Japan
Exchanges in Japan
  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (TOCOM)
*We can support to connect with all major exchanges in the world.
Globalizing of OKATO

OKATO SHOJI is one of the most leading FCMs in Japan such as our chairman is a representative person of Japan Commodity Futures Industry Association.
In 1972, Okato Shoji Co., Ltd. acquired a membership of the Sydney Futures Exchange. Since then, we have aggressively embarked on international business with promoting unique commodity futures in Japan. In line with business expansion, we have been developing brokerage businesses as Futures Commission Merchant by helping to world's major corporate entities, i.e. commercial hedgers, financial institutions and other corporate investors.

Okato Shoji is well known for a pioneer who brought Asian producers and traders of natural rubber into Rubber futures in TOCOM and Kobe Rubber Exchange. To make quick responses to the customers' requests and needs, we have set up a subsidiary in Singapore for Asian commercials.
On the other hands, Okato Shoji have participated into managed funds business as all players such as CPO, TM, CTA and fund raiser. Our own funds have especially grown successfully, and it holds a share of 70% in all commodity funds sold in Japan.

Okato Shoji has also the first brokerage firm who supplied ISV solutions to its overseas customers for Japanese futures trading. We have been developing the trading environment for customers' high performance trading to the markets.
Currently we are providing Pats and TT® systems to all corporate customers in the world including hedgers and producers. Now we are expanding our business from inbound trading to outbound trading.

Using our business expertise, Okato Shoji will continuously meet the needs of futures and derivatives markets.

About Okato Holdings,Inc.
In April 2005, Okato Shoji Co., Ltd. shifted to holding company structure by a corporate split and separation of its Commodities Futures Business. The company changed its name to "Okato Holdings, Inc." and established Okato Business Service Co., Ltd.  The new company expands its existing Commodities Futures Business to improve profitability.  Under such circumstances, the company determined that it would need the proactive and flexible management structure while further clarifying the accountability for each business unit.  After the change, the company maintains its position as a public company and is expected to continue to maximize the corporate value by supervising the whole group operations and executing flexible strategies. In June 2005, we have also established a firm that specializes in online trading. Through these measures, we intend to transform our group into an integrated financial services conglomerate.

Established April 1, 2005
Capital JPY 3,500,000,000
Business Management of group companies and other related operations
Head Office 2-12-16 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Groups Domestic: Nihon Financial Securities Co., Ltd.
Okato Shoji Co., Ltd.
Sankyo Securities Co., Ltd.
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